we are inviting for empanalment of training partner (TPs) for Skill development schemes
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Welcome to CIOS
Central Instittute of Open Schooling (CIOS) was set up and registered in 2010. The CIOS identified the Delhi State to provide education up to secondary/ senior secondary level, especially to the children belonging to Scheduled Tribes. It was observed that there was an urgent need to reach the STs, socially and educationally disadvantaged classes and other culturally, economically, geographically weaker sections of the society, as literacy rate among these groups, particularly among girl-child is very low. In view of the need to accelerate the pace and progress of secondary education, especially in tribal/ rural conglomeration, Central Instittute of Open Schooling (CIOS) proposed to collaborate with the State of Delhi Based on the experience gained over the period, it may spread its wings to similar pockets in other States.

A detailed scheme of Syllabus along with the scheme of Examination for High School & Intermediate Examination is enclosed along with the Project submitted to the Government of Delhi. It may be submitted that in respect of Secondary/High School and Senior Secondary/ Intermediate programme, the learner will study 6 subjects for Secondary and 5 subjects for Senior Secondary for the purpose of certification. However, a learner will be permitted to study one more subject as per his/ her convenience. Course curriculum in each subject will be planned for 100 hours of study time, and out of this 40 hours will be at study centre/ academic centre/ personal contact classes and 60 hours as self-study. The entry requirements at SSC (10th level will be as followed by open schools.

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  • We are inviting centres for Empanelment of Training Partners (TPs) For Skill Development Schemes.
  • Result you can verify your Result Online. Enter Your Roll Number in Result Section 12-01-2023
  • Admission Notice Admission are Open For 2022-23 Session 07-01-2023
  • Result you can verify your Result Online. Enter Your Roll Number in Result Section 12-01-2022
  • Admission Notice Admission are Open For 2021-22 Session 07-01-2022